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Founded in 1970, Transfertex is one of the pioneers in heat transfer printing. Under the new family ownership from 1982 on Transfertex has enjoyed steady growth accompanied by many changes and improvements in the production technology.


Today, Transfertex primarily supplies the textile, plastics, wood and metal processing industry. We are one of the few companies with a fully integrated manufacturing process for printing papers and films.


Transfertex produces its first-class prints via analogue as well as via digital process. Compared with regular digital printing the Transfertex quality is much finer as the ink concentration is higher and 7% more dyestuffs are used. 


The Transfertex headquarter and exclusive production is based in Kleinostheim, Germany. Own affiliates are located in the USA, China and France, representatives are available for you all over the world.

Our renowned creative teams in France and Germany permanently analyze the international print trends. This allows the creation of a precise print collection that is available worldwide - without any development costs for our customers. Customized print solutions contribute to the sales success of our customers.


The international network of Transfertex allows the presentation of our prints to all customers of the supply chain at short notice - no matter if retailer, brand or fabric supplier. The transfer paper prints are being delivered to the location you require - to anywhere in the world.


There are no limitations of the order quantities - starting with 1 meter of transfer printing paper up to thousands of meters.


Our customers can rely on an easy sampling process of 24 hours and a fast production dispatch within one week.