our Mission

For its demanding customers Transfertex always offers the best prints accompanied by the best possible services. Besides the high quality of our prints our goal is to provide a very good price-performance.

Sustainability is a big concern of Transfertex. All offered products contain dyestuffs that are completely free of hazardous. Transfertex respects nature - we just have one.

Transfertex commits itself to permanent improvement of quality and productivity in order to get better and better solutions for our customers.

We are open for all kind of new ideas - no matter where they come from. Self criticism is welcome.

To offer the best price-performance we always have an eye on the costs, we don't need any extravagance.

All Transfertex staff works together with its customers on an honest and modest basis. Our customers should feel that we are there for them at any time and in any case.

We always need to be ahead with flexibility and creativity.

Transfertex lives a company culture that is affected by harmony, teamwork and individual creativity.

Transfertex commits itself to keep tidiness and cleanness within in the company, to guarantee safe working conditions, environmentally friendliness and low consumption of resources.

our vision


Transfertex wants to offer a truly global digital service that enables our customers an efficient sampling of printed fabrics and color matching of salesmen samples at many places in the world within just a few hours. 


And this is how it will work:


With the help of our international partner network Transfertex provides the requested design samples on digitally printed transfer printing paper within very short term - no matter if in Europe, America or Asia. This means, for instance, you can produce small samples in Europe and salesmen samples in Asia at the same time. Subsequently, bulk quantities are being ordered directly with Transfertex in Germany and you receive your design on transfer printing paper within a few days at the place where you need it for printing your textile or producing your ready-made product. Thanks to this scalable cloud solution of Transfertex you will be able to speed up your design selection, sampling and production process.


Transfertex offers you access to our digital platform myTFX.de - including our exclusive print design collection, especially and individually compiled according to your needs.

Transfertex print designs are not just designs - they are real masterpieces. If you are interested in more detailed information about our masterpieces, about how to save time and costs and how to speed up your sampling and production processes, please contact us